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Matthew Low


Meet Matthew Lowe, a highly skilled counselor at Summit Counseling who brings a unique blend of empathy, insight, and humor to his therapeutic approach. Matthew studied counseling at William James College, following advanced studies in philosophy and theology at Harvard Divinity School and Columbia University. This diverse academic background has provided Matthew with a deep understanding of the human condition, making him uniquely equipped to help clients navigate the complexities of life.

Matthew's counseling style is friendly, conversational, and designed to help you learn more about yourself and the dynamics of your world. His therapeutic approach balances thoughtful analysis, emotional processing, imagination, and a surprising element of fun. Matthew sees therapy as a collaborative process, where the client is an active participant in their journey towards growth and healing.

Matthew specializes in a wide range of areas, including life transitions, mood disorders, LGBTQ+ issues, anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, compulsive behavior, and substance abuse. He also works with clients dealing with issues related to career, relationships, queer identity, racial/cultural identity, and loss. As a cis(ish)het white guy who is queer-friendly and BLM-positive, Matthew brings a keen understanding of diverse identities and experiences to his therapeutic practice.

Matthew's clients are adults seeking growth and healing. They may be looking to make peace with their past, present, or future, and are driven by deep questions about their lives. If you're looking for a therapist who combines empathy and sharp insight with a sense of humor and a deep understanding of life's complexities, Matthew may be the perfect fit for you.

Matthew Low






mood disorders, LGBTQ+, anxiety, depression, phobia, trauma, compulsive behavior, relationships, queer identity, racial/cultural identity

Therapeutic Approach

I believe that making a life is a totally weird pursuit, because it lies somewhere in between the realms of individual and social, in-between freedom and obligation, in-between seriousness and absurdity

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