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Nathalie Savell


Nathalie Savell is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been working with people in coaching, group facilitation, or therapy capacity for 10+ years. She holds certifications as a nature-informed therapist, a parent educator, a step-family coach, a yoga teacher, a holistic health coach, and pending ADHD services provider. She lives in Baltimore County with her husband, 13 year old stepson, 9 year old bio son, and 4 year old bio daughter. She homeschools her 9 year old and is very involved with his outdoor education-focused homeschool tutorial  nonprofit. Besides personal growth, she also is passionate about hiking, laughing, gardening, singing, creating community, and striving for imperfection with heaps of self-acceptance. 

Nathalie Savell


Individuals - $175, Couples - $195




Parent, Step Parent, ADHD

Therapeutic Approach

Nathalie uses an eclectic approach to therapy. She incorporates mindfulness techniques and concepts since she has an extensive background in mindfulness and meditation, and uses an attachment-lense of psychodynamic theory to investigate child development and trauma. She is client-centered, compassionately supportive and direct with a big emphasis on self-compassion and growth mindset.

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